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How to Save on New Flooring


If this is your first home renovation, you might not realize how quality flooring can transform an ordinary home into a beautiful one. To save on costs, some homeowners try and get away with the old flooring for as long as possible if it isn’t too worn, or try carpeting over the existing flooring to cover it up.

Putting in low maintenance flooring that will last forever is just fine for a rental property– where your goal is to create as few headaches as possible over the years, but when it comes to your home you’re renovating to increase the value of your property and to create a space that a future buyer will love.

Flooring has the potential to transform a space, but it doesn’t have to break the bank either. Here’s a few tips to help you keep your renovation under budget, while wowing potential buyers and maximizing the value from your investment.


What’s Your Floor Plan Like?

If your home has an open concept living space, you should use the same flooring throughout the space whenever possible. Some people use mentally create an invisible line separating their kitchen from their living room or dining room, and feel the need to install hardwood in one, and linoleum or tile in the other.

Installing one type of flooring – a warm tile, hardwood, or laminate throughout the space can really bring a space together.

Sometimes you want to create clear lines to define spaces, and that’s fine, but don’t feel like that’s your only option. The idea of an open-concept living space is to break away from convention, so get creative, and use your judgment. Oftentimes going with a single type of flooring can save you money on both product costs and labour.

Compare with the Neighbors

You don’t need to find out the exact flooring in each house in your neighbourhood, but take a look on MLS listings in your area to find out if they’re using hardwood, laminate, tile, or carpet. You want to make sure your flooring is up to the standards of other comparable homes – don’t opt for carpet if all of your neighbours are using hardwood.


Work with What You Have

While keeping the flooring you already have might not always be an option, take a close look. We’ve all heard stories of that one friend who took out their carpet to find solid hardwood floors underneath! If that turns out to be the case for you, refinishing classic hardwood is much cheaper than getting flooring installed from scratch.

Set Priorities

If you’ve got a limited budget, prioritize the areas of your house that see the highest use. Putting hardwood or slate in your kitchen, common areas, or master bedroom, and then carpet in your other bedrooms can help you save on overall costs. This isn’t a new idea, but it’s one that works. Just make sure it’s something that other homes in your area have done.

When you’re picking your flooring options, make sure you look at flooring that fits within your budget, what comparable homes are using, and where you can afford to use cheaper flooring options. This will keep your priorities straight, and help you receive the best value for your investment.