The Thetis Lake Park

Hidden from view, The Thetis Lake Park is a gemstone in the wilderness situated right beside the Trans-Canada highway at the end of Six Mile Road just outside of Victoria. This Capital Regional Park is a magnificent well-maintained 831 hectares of wild forestry, beautiful lakes and numerous trails.

Hard to believe this large oasis is within the city limits of Victoria.

Attractions around The Thetis Lake Park

Within just 5 minutes’ drive from the park visitors can find other place of interest such as:

  • Six Mile Pub – to feel up your empty stomach and explore the old historical architecture of the pub building;
  • View Royal Casino – for those who are risk-takers and enjoy gambling;
  • Highland Pacific Golf Course – represents an opportunity to chill and golf on a championship 18 holes course with challenging layout all year around.

The Thetis Lake Park Attractions

The Thetis Lake Park presents an opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of the lakes and surrounding hills, follow the more challenging trails up Seymour or Scafe hills. In spring, wildflowers and protected floras coved the slopes of the park that is truly feast fothe eye. Garry Oak and Douglas fir trees lovers will be amazed with what they will see.

This amazing park contains several lakes:

  • Lower Thetis Lake,
  • Upper Thetis Lake,
  • Prior Lake,
  • McKenzie Lake.

A wide net of trails run in between and around the lakes in the middle of a gorgeous and isolated forests:

  • Hiking trails,
  • Cycling trails,
  • Equestrian Trails,
  • Paved and loose roads.

Yes, you can even ride a horse there, run or just cycle to keep in shape or lose some weight on more challenging trails to Scafe Hill and Stewart Mountain. Moreover, some isolated corners can be found in the deep nature for spiritual development and inspiration.

Additional information about The Thetis Lake Park:

The Thetis Lake`s sandy beach makes a rest in front of the water unforgettable and brings lots of joy for family: perfect to relax and get some tan, play on the beach with the whole family, or just go for a refreshing swim.

The park also offers various outdoor activities in a calming natural setting:

  • Beautiful views for photographing,
  • Amazing lakes for fishing,
  • Paddling, kayaking or canoeing on the Lake,
  • Tables for picnic,
  • Walking with dogs allowed off-leash Fall to Spring,
  • Camping on the side campground during the summer season welcomes its visitors with RVs.

Washrooms and change rooms are available just near the beach as well as specially designated parking slots for people with disabilities.

Please note! There is no lifeguard, thus be a caution swimmer and ensure you`ve got some snacks as no food trucks are available.

Brief History of Thetis Lake Park

Thetis Lake Park area was established as Canada’s first nature sanctuary in 1958, which had been assigned to Esquimalt as part of the Royal Navy‘s Pacific Squadron. However officially The Thetis Lake Park was established in 1993. The name of the park Thetis is Greek, mostly means a sea nymph or known as the goddess of water, one of the fifty Nereids, daughters of the ancient sea god Nereus.

Travelling to The Thetis Lake Park

If you drive to The Thetis Lake Park, they’ve got a plenty of parking just in front of the main entrance and parking is free from October through April.

If you use the bus, take #50 to the Six Mile Road stop and walk approximately 1 kilometre to the park.