Miniature World

The Miniature World provides a unique opportunity to experience the world from a tiny perspective; The Wonderful World of Smallness is one of the most popular visitor attractions here in Victoria BC, situated right downtown on 649 Humboldt Street in the Empress Hotel building.

Experience a fairytale world, in fact return to childhood dreams and historical moments just like that all in one place!

Attractions around Miniature World:

The Miniature World, conveniently located downtown, just steps away from other fabulous local attractions such as:

  • Victoria Bug Zoo – to enjoy the astonishing world of insects, arachnids, and other many-legged creatures!
  • Empress Hotel – where you can lodge or simply visit for an afternoon tea.
  • BC Museum – will allow you to plunge yourself into local history.
  • BC Parliament Building – steeped in all its history and beautiful architecture is a must see.
  • Inner Harbour – with blooming flowers, palms and trees alongside gorgeous boats and yachts makes the walk on the harbor an unforgettable experience.
  • The Bay Shopping Centre – will bring you back to modern day with a full suite of shops to explore.

About Miniature World

Experience sudden transformation into a Gulliver-like giant among the tiniest of villages or the world itself shrunk! The fab Miniature World offers the opportunity to view over 85 exciting miniature dioramas and displays including:

  • World’s Largest Doll Houses with over 50 rooms beautifully furnished in superb detailing;
  • Great Canadian Railway Sirca 1885;
  • Wonderful World of the Circus and feel the magic, the wonderment of the Grand City Parade, the Big Top, the Wild Beasts and the death rebelling High Wire Acts;
  • Space 2201 AD to travel in an Avian 1 spaceship to distant cosmic shores;
  • Storytelling world of Jack and the Bean Stalk, Mother Goose, Santa`s Workshop and more;
  • Enchanted Valley of Castles where you can find 12 Europe’s most famous castles;
  • Olde London Towne of 1670;
  • Historical representations of US Civil War battle scenes, WWII European battles;
  • King Arthur`s “Camelot” is the most recent exhibit the existing collection in 2014 by adding eleven new scenes to the mix.

Special effects of light, sound and animation are added to make your experience unforgettably thrilling and delightful, in some cases goosebumps on your skin!

It’s hard to believe you can easily get an opportunity to plunge into the world of fairytales, “become a giant”. But can you believe that’s not all?! You can also experience that miniature world right from you PC.

The Miniature World provides a unique opportunity of a Virtual Field Trip.

By simply downloading and running the Isle of Minutia software on your computer and connecting with a Coordinator via Skype, you get the whole 3D presentation of what the Miniature world looks like, starting right from the main entrance on Humboldt Street! Just like a real tour, you can ask your guide to explore contain exhibits longer than others, focus on certain places more than other. Isn’t that impressive?! You can easily book the time and download the software. Find out more about Virtual Field Trip.

Travelling to Miniature World

If you’d like to drive to the Miniature World, on-street pay parking is available on the surrounding streets.

The closest City of Victoria parkade is located on Courtney Streeet below Central Library on 745 Broughton Street:

If you use the bus, please check the BC Transit schedule here and the bus stop is right in front of the building.

CONTACT: Miniature World
PHONE: 250-385-9731
FAX: 250-385-2835

LOCATION: 649 Humboldt St., Victoria, BC, Canada V8W 1A7
within The Fairmont Empress Hotel (downtown, across from the Inner Harbour)