Fisherman`s Wharf

One of the most popular marine destination with a distinct flavor in Victoria, BC is Fisherman`s Wharf – a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered with floating homes which are an absolutely amazing experience, located just at the corner of the Inner Harbour surrounded by Erie Street and St. Lawrence Street at the beginning of Dallas Street.
Attractions around the Fisherman`s Wharf
The Fisherman`s Wharf is conveniently located just 20 minutes by foot from the epicenter of all activities downtown such as:

  • Inner Harbour – across the road with blooming flowers, palms and trees alongside gorgeous boats and yachts, makes the walk on the harbor an unforgettable experience;
  • Empress Hotel – where one can visit for an afternoon tea;
  • BC Parliament Building – steeped in all its history and beautiful architecture is a must see;
  • Beacon Hill Park – go for a picnic and/or simply explore a mix or urban and rural nature;
  • Ogden Point Breakwater – unforgettable walking experience, where enthralling marine will surround you.

Attractions at the Fisherman`s Wharf
A mysteriously beautiful floating village is a treasure hidden from a first view of passer-by is the Fisherman`s Wharf, where visitors will enjoy beautiful homes, great views and good food all abundant at the Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s definitely worth a visit both for locals and tourists alike.
This unique marine destination offers:
·         food kiosks – an awesome place to eat for those who like seafood, where one can buy fresh crabs at a good price! Sushi, Mexican food, seafood or ice cream all this are available at the Fisherman`s Wharf. The famous Canadian fish and chips is available right at the Wharf. What an incredible living experience it is!
·         buy seafood fresh off the boat from commercial fishing vessels,
·         unique shops with local souvenirs and from around the world,
·         eco-tour adventures starting from the Fisherman’s Wharf on kayaks and whale watching tours.

Seals have become a significant symbol of the Wharf and draw tourists and visitors with their families to Victoria to feed those whimsical marine animals. Feeding seals is one of the most attractive activities in the area and children love doing that, only $5 will get you enough raw fish from the closest fish store at the wharf to feed the seals.

There, one can view an array of various commercial, working fishing vessels, pleasure vessels with live-onboard residents and pleasure boats!
The pretty little taxi boats with their knowledgeable guides will offer visitors a quick introduction. The water taxi can be used to arrive at the Wharf from the marina in front of the Fairmont Empress hotel, and/or take you can use the water taxi to leave the Wharf and enjoy your marine journey on you way back.


Imagine all that and more at the Victoria Fisherman`s Wharf.


Travelling to the Fisherman`s Wharf

If you drive to the Fisherman`s Wharf, there is pay parking available right at the Wisherman`s Wharf, for those who intend to save on parking and do not want to stay very long, they could make a use of 2-hour free street parking on Superior Street.

If you use the bus, please check the BC Transit schedule here.