Church of Our Lord

The Church of Our Lord is a historic Carpenter Gothic style church in Victoria BC, built in 1876 and located in heart of the beautiful downtown area surrounded by Gorgeous St. Ann`s Academy garden and modern high-risen hotel on the corner of Humbolt and Blanshard Streets at 626 Blanshard Street.
Attractions around the Church of Our Lord
The Church of Our Lord is conveniently just in the heart of Victoria, BC located just minutes away from other various activities and attractions such as:

  • Ann`s Academy – just across the street, you get a chance to refresh you mind by taking a walk in the lovely garden or having a lunch on the bench.
  • Empress Hotel – where one can visit for an afternoon tea;
  • Royal British Columbia Museum – where human and natural histories of British Columbia have been preserved through centuries;
  • Inner Harbour – across the road with blooming flowers, palms and trees alongside gorgeous boats and yachts, makes the walk on the harbor an unforgettable experience;
  • BC Parliament Building – steeped in all its history and beautiful architecture is a must see;
  • Beacon Hill Park – go for a picnic and/or simply explore a mix or urban and rural nature.

Church of Our Lord today
The Church of Our Lord (also known as COOL) is a National Historic Site of Canada and has been affiliated with the Reformed Episcopal Church since its inception, which became a member of the Anglican Church in North America in 2009.

The Church of our Lord is also valued for its unique architectural style and is the oldest church in Victoria with its design ranging from simplistic vertical lines, steep gable roof and siding designed by architect John Teague. Today the building stands as a significant historical landmarks in BC and one of the few remaining structures with its features and style. Church it features stunning stained glass windows, a vaulted ceiling, dark wooden accents and an appleton pipe organ dating back to 1827.

The Church of Our Lord has a vision to reach and server their community, super-friendly family atmosphere, and their services seem to always begin with a meal together.


The Church also well-known for offering exceptional wedding services, which include

  • rehearsal arrangements;
  • wedding day preparation and coordination;
  • wedding day decorations: flowers, candles set up and the registry signing table.
  • sound technician check;
  • Christian wedding ceremony;
  • counseling towards personal marriage preparation.

To find out more about your wedding, contact the church office at 250-383-8915 or by e-mail at [email protected].
History of Church of Our Lord
The Church of Our Lord is the oldest church in Victoria was founded in 1874 by the first Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church in Canada – Reverend Edward Cridge and designed by architect John Teague.

The Church of Our Lord was built on land which was donated by Sir James Douglas (the first governor of British Columbia) and has a separate annex called the Cridge Memorial Hall. The Church was established under the supports of the Church Missionary Society of England, and connected to the Reformed Episcopal Church of the United States.


Travelling to the Church of Our Lord

If you drive to the Church of Our Lord, there is free 1-2 hours street parking and pay street parking available on surrounded street – Blanchard Street, Humboldt Street.

For a long term, you can also use City of Victoria Parkade located under the Central Library, which is 5 mins away:

  • 1st hour is free;
  • Every next hour $2

If you use the bus, please check the BC Transit schedule here.