Tulista Park

Tulista Park in Sidney is the perfect spot to spend the day with family and friends. You will find everything you need to relax, have a picnic lunch and just enjoy the day. The amenities at the Park include:

  • Lots of free parking
  • Playground
  • Washrooms that are wheelchair accessible
  • Picnic shelter with barbecue
  • Plenty of picnic tables and benches
  • Boat launch

After lunch you can take a stroll along the Lochside Walkway (known as the Lochside Regional Trail) that is located just to the south of the Park. Recent upgrades have made Tulista’s Walkway scooter friendly where visitors can travel south as far as the North Saanich border.

While at the Park, make sure to check out the Community Arts Centre on 5th Street. This Arts Centre provides support for a host of events such as:

  • Spring and fall studio tours
  • Artisans Shows that include sale of art pieces
  • School programs
  • Organizing of workshops, lectures, and more

Tulista Park is also home to a boat launch which is open to both private and commercial users. Parking for the boat launch is limited and operates on a first-come-first-served basis with a fee to launch your boat. Launch fees vary depending on the length of time being requested. When parking your vehicle for the boat launch, it is important that users purchase a launch pass for the appropriate amount of time. There is also a maximum of 72 hours for parking a vehicle. You can purchase a launch pass from a machine right at the boat launch with credit cards and coins accepted for payment. If it is your first time at the Tulista Boat Launch, it is recommended that you visit their site online for more detailed information.

Kayakers are also welcome at the boat launch where there are signs pointing to designated spots for vehicles with ‘roof mounted’ vessels.  Once again it is best to refer to the Tulista Boat Launch site if you are unfamiliar with fees and parking.

Whether you are planning to spend the day on the beach, taking in the sights along the Walkway, visiting the Art Centre, or organizing an all day picnic, Tulista Park is sure to fit the bill. Parents with toddlers will appreciate the fenced playground and there is even water outside the playground where you can let you dog take a refreshing drink.

Make sure you explore this wonderful park in Sidney and enjoy the sounds and sights of the ocean side beach, the scenery along the walkway and even take in some culture at the Community Arts Centre. Whether you are spending the day with family and friends or taking time to relax on your own, your first trip to Tulista Park will have you coming back for more.