Saanich Municipal Hall

Saanich is located on southern Vancouver Island and the Saanich Municipal Hall at 770 Vernon Avenue, Victoria, BC. The Municipal Hall is responsible for all services and issues that residents may need or wish to have access to. Their departments are separated into specific categories and include:

  • Administration
  • Corporate Services
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Fire Department
  • Legislative Services
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Planning
  • Police
  • Municipal Organization

Questions about any of the services that the Saanich Municipal Hall offers can be directed to them via email at: [email protected] or you can contact the administration office by phone at: 250.475.1775.

Fire Department

The Saanich Fire Department was established in 1919 and currently has 3 fire stations and just over 123 uniformed staff members with 7 support staff. The department responds to more than 4,600 emergency incidents each year. Their website has a very interesting chart that shows the breakdown of calls received by specific categories.

Aside from responding to emergencies, the department is also responsible for such services as:

  • Fire safety inspections
  • The delivery of fire prevention and life safety programs
  • Supporting the municipality in responding to and recovering from major emergencies and disasters

Parks & Recreation Department

The Parks & Recreation Department plays a huge role in helping individuals and families of all ages stay active and fit through a variety of programs, festivals, events, parks, and activities. Thousands of Saanich residents avail themselves every day of the vital services they offer. The department runs:

  • Four recreational centres
  • Three teen centres
  • 171 Parks
  • 100+ kilometers of trails
  • A community services section
  • An arts centre
  • An 18-hole golf course

The scope of the Parks & Recreation Department is a massive undertaking and is therefore divided into two separate divisions:

Parks Division is responsible for all public green space including sports fields, trails, playgrounds, beach accesses points, the urban forest, boulevard maintenance and invasive species control.  The Recreation Division is responsible for overseeing:

  • Services & facilities in relation to active living
  • Provision of programs
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Building community

Saanich Parks & Rec is also responsible for the Cedar Hill Golf Course. This is an 18-hole, par 67 course within Cedar Hill Park.

Police Department

The Saanich Police Department is governed by the Municipal Police Board and runs a full-service department.  There are six different divisions within the Police Department each with separate and distinct responsibilities. These divisions are:

  • Uniform
  • Detective
  • Community Liaison
  • Professional Standards Audits & Plans
  • Administration
  • Staff Development

Together, these departments provide Saanich residents with protection and safety and manage important community programs such as, crime prevention, Blockwatch, animal control, and school liaison programs.

It is a huge understatement to say that running a vibrant, active community of diverse age groups, such as Saanich, is a massive undertaking. The Saanich Council is made of up 9 individuals including Mayor Richard Atwell. There are several ways one can contact Saanich Municipal Hall and stay in touch with meetings, agendas, and so forth. The website lists all contact information for each department as well as the ways you can stay informed and keep in touch with what’s going on in your community.