Prospect Lake

Prospect Lake is situated within a picturesque residential community just 20 minutes northwest of Victoria on southern Vancouver Island. Although private homes dot much of the shore line, there is a boat launch and a couple of smaller parks that make for easy access to the public.

Prospect Lake is a very popular fishing spot and is regularly stocked with cutthroat and rainbow trout as well as with bass. The lake is stocked with rainbow trout each spring and fall while May and June are the best times for smallmouth bass. At some point yellow perch was illegally introduced into the lake now making them popular in spring and fall. With Vancouver Island’s milder year round climate, you can still fish at Prospect Lake in the winter; although it is typically slower.

With limited shore access along the lake, fishing from a boat is best but because the lake is relatively small you can also see people using float tubes and pontoons. The shallow parts of the lake that have branches, weed beds, rocks and docks is where much of the fishing takes place.

Some of the recommended techniques for fishing in the lake include:

  • Fly fishing – 4 or 5wt setup is adequate
  • Floating/intermediate sinking lines – depends on the depth of the water you are in
  • Leech patterns – lets you cover both trout and bass
  • Spincasting – small spinners are good for both bass and trout

If it’s bass that you are after topwater lures (i.e. poppers) or soft plastic baits (jigged close to the bottom) around structures are the best techniques.

Prospect Lake makes for the perfect day-fishing trip but it is important to make sure you are in possession of a valid B.C. freshwater fishing license. Also important to note is that Prospect Lake is located in Region 1 and everyone should be aware of existing freshwater fishing regulations that are in place. The lake also has speed restrictions for power boats and it’s important to know what these are before you head out.

If you are ready to explore the area around Prospect Lake, there are a number of other great fishing lakes that are worth checking out:

  • Prior & Thetis Lake – Scenic trails, swimming, and fishing
  • Elk and Beaver Lake – freshwater lake. Great for fishing, canoeing, swimming. Stocked with catchable rainbow trout. Group picnic areas and access for those with disabilities.
  • Durance Lake – Swimming in summer, fishing all year long. Easy trail around lake and scenic forest trail.


Getting to Prospect Lake is quite easy as it is located just north of the capital city of Victoria. So if you are ready for a fun and relaxing day of fishing, head out to Prospect Lake but do take the time to make sure you understand all the regulations. Knowing beforehand what is allowed and not allowed will make for a great day of fishing.



Prospect Lake is located in Saanich, just north of Victoria on Vancouver Island. To get to the lake, travel on West Saanich Road (17A) and turn off at Prospect Lake Road. There are several access points at the lake. Whitehead Park at the north end of the lake is ideal for those who choose to fish with a float tube or pontoon boat. From the parking lot, you can carry your float craft to the lake via a short trail. There is a trailer boat launch on the west side of the lake via Echo Drive. South Prospect Lake Park also provides some access but generally foot access from shore is very limited so fishing is mainly done from a boat. You can find all the access spots in a map provided by District of Saanich, as well as general information on boating restrictions.