Mount Douglas Park

Mount Douglas Park and surrounding area have been in use for thousands of years; originally by the local first Nations. Today, the 188 hectare park, located on southern Vancouver Island, has the largest urban forest on the Saanich Peninsula. Mount Douglas Park offers year round activities for the thousands of visitors who frequent the park each year.

Your journey will begin right from the parking lot where you can choose from one of the many trails taking you through the forest and up to breathtaking views at the mountain summit, or if you prefer down to a secluded and sandy beach.

The trails are well marked with colour coding showing their difficulty level:

  • Black – Difficult
  • Blue – Moderate
  • Green – Easy

Churchill Drive, a paved road that leads to the summit, stays closed to vehicle traffic until noon each day to make way for cyclists and pedestrians. Following that, one can drive to the summit until dusk.

There are elevation and distance markers to help you know how far and how high of a hike you wish to take.

  • From the Churchill parking lot gate – 1,500 metre, 42 metres above sea level
  • To the summit parking lot – 202 meters & a change of 160 meters
  • Right at the Geographic Marker – 225 metres

If you have your smart phone, you can download a GPS enabled map of the park.

There are so many amazing things to see and do while surrounded by the natural beauty of the park including:

  • Spectacular Views – Let the sounds and sights of the ocean relax you either from the beach or the summit while you look out onto Mount Baker. Make sure you keep an eye out for:
    • Orcas
    • Seals
    • Waterfowl
  • Painting & Photography – It’s not surprising that Mount Douglas Park is a popular spot for artists and photographers attempting to capture the rugged and peaceful natural beauty of the area.
  • Exploring – No matter which difficulty level you have chosen, from and easy stroll to a more strenuous hike, keep a look out along the way for
    • Lizards & lichens among the rocks
    • A variety of marine life while strolling along the beach
    • Fish swimming in creeks
    • Different birds & animals that make the forest their home
    • An abundance of wildflowers in different seasons

Of course a day trip that includes a picnic lunch with friends and family is always a big hit. It’s a great spot to book your next family reunion or even a workplace gathering. There is a large picnic area that has accessible washrooms and a great open field that invites all kinds of games and activities. To book your spot simply give Saanich Parks a call at 250.475.5522 or email them at: [email protected].