Arbutus Cove Park

Located in Central Saanich, Arbutus Cove Park is nestled in a quiet, picturesque residential community. The cove has breathtaking views of the San Juan Islands and Haro Strait and is perfect for watching the sunrise while taking your dog for a morning walk. Arbutus Road itself, which is just above the cove, is a lovely winding road lined with beautiful Arbutus trees. As a smaller residential park with beach access, it is an ideal spot for a picnic lunch and walking or playing along the beach.

Just a short drive away is Cadboro Bay Village where one can go shopping, stop for a bit to eat, and make use of the many amenities offered in this quaint seaside town. The Village is conveniently located between The University of Victoria and one of two popular beaches in the area. Whether you are looking to spend some time relaxing in the Village’s spa, mingle with locals in a café, pick up some groceries or shop in one of their gift or card shops, everything one might need is close by. There are a number of trails with signage to point you in the right direction. Going for a walk along the beach at low tide reveals even more of the peaceful beauty of Arbutus Cove.

Arbutus Cove Park is popular among residents as the place to meet and chat while they let their dogs run and play with one another. It’s a great spot to get to know some of the locals who are happy to share the beauty of this little known gem on southern Vancouver Island. Most will tell you that walking is often preferred to driving because everything is so handy and it’s a great way to connect with one another as well as to meet new friends.