Cineplex Odeon

There is a lot to be said about watching a new movie on the big screen. Sitting in comfortable chairs next to your friends or loved ones, munching on popcorn in a dimly lit auditorium while the movie’s images fill up most of a wall and the surround sound system makes you feel like you are right in the middle of the action is just something that T.V will simply never live up to. While it’s true that you can see almost any movie on your home television if you just wait a little while, the best way to see a new movie is still (hands down) watching it on the big screen. With an oversized picture, a fantastic sound system, comfortable seating and food choices that you may not be able to get at home, taking in a new movie at a theatre is the way to do it. Besides, some movies just seem to need the big screen, to be viewed in their full glory.

Highlights of the Cineplex Odeon Westshore

  • 4 3D screens
  • 1 UltraAVX screen
  • 7 standard screens
  • IMAX capability
  • Stars and Strollers viewing times
  • Sensory friendly viewing times
  • 2 party rooms
  • Scotiabank ATM onsite
  • A wide variety of popular food brands
  • Fully accessibility available, including wheelchair accessibility, described video, assistive listening devices, and CaptiView captioning on request

The Cineplex Odeon in the Westshore area is Langford’s one and only movie theatre. Being situated in the middle of the Westshore area’s biggest retail complex, the Cineplex enjoys a steady flow of patrons. It is kept fairly clean, usually without even the tell-tale sticky carpeting that is often the bane of cinema-goers. The staff members are friendly and efficient, allowing any potential lineups to be reduced quickly. Movie prices start at $11.99 for general admission, $8.99 for children aged 3 to 13, and $9.50 for seniors, which is fairly reasonable, as far as the cost of going to a movie these days is concerned. The concessions tend to be a wee bit on the expensive side, which is sort of standard for theatres everywhere. This, however, is sort of compensated for by the sheer variety of available snacks and meals. Gone are the days when you could only order drinks, popcorn, nachos, hotdogs and candy! The Cineplex offers quite a few popular food brands, including the likes of Tim Horton’s, Pizza Pizza, Mini Melts, and much more. You aren’t limited to taking a light snack into the movie— you can actually take an entire meal in.

It’s rather nice to know that, if you live in Langford or any nearby communities, you don’t have to drive into Victoria just to see a movie. The Cineplex Odeon in Westshore is conveniently located, with plenty of parking to be had, and is easily reachable by public transit if you don’t want to drive.