The Caleb Pike House

Originally built in 1883 by Caleb Pike, an English colonist who came to Canada to work for the Hudson’s Bay Company, the house and the heritage park on which it sits now represent the efforts of the Highland community to preserve its pioneer heritage. The land was donated to the Capital Regional District in 1983, and then transferred to the District of the Highlands in 1993. The original house underwent necessary restoration before being opened to the public as a community building in 1985. The house has since been restored a second time, to stabilize the roof, and other buildings have been added to the park.

Highlights of the Caleb Pike House

  • Designated as a heritage building, along with 2 others in the park
  • Available as a rustic wedding venue
  • Available for community and corporate meetings
  • Use of their VIHA certified kitchen included in the rental price
  • Event tent rentals available
  • Onsite museum

Walking through the buildings is like taking a step back in time, to the Highland pioneer life of the 1880’s. You get a glimpse of what daily life must have been like for Caleb Pike, and others like him. At the center of the park is a true gem. Here, you will see a small orchard bearing several heritage apple trees that are over 100 years old, and still going strong. The fruit grown on these trees are rare— many people won’t have heard of the species, and you won’t find them in the supermarkets at all. However, if you are very polite, and ask before simply taking, the caretaker might just let you have one or two of their tasty fruits when they are in season. The apples grown there are a meal in themselves, being large and fleshy, and tasting sweet with just a tiny hint of tartness. Every year in the fall, these apples are gathered up and pressed into cider for the benefit of the community.

The Caleb Pike House, and the heritage park in which it sits, would make a fantastic rustic setting for a wedding or another kind of special event. For weddings, you have the option to rent the entire facility, buildings and all, for one or two days over a weekend. That means you can choose to hold your wedding in one of the buildings, or in the orchard outside, for that little touch of rustic charm. There is a VIHA-certified kitchen available when you rent the Caleb Pike House, or the rest of the heritage park, giving you the option to cater your own event, or hire someone to do it for you.

Planning a Visit to the Caleb Pike House

The Caleb Pike Heritage Park is not a large attraction, but it’s worth spending time there. There are other nearby places of interest, such as Lone Tree Hill Regional Park and Goldstream Provincial Park, and the West Shore area is a few minutes’ drive down Millstream Road, if you want to plan an entire day of fun. There are no listed facility hours, but going between 10am and 5pm is probably best.