Victoria Waterfront Tours

Victoria is a coastal city, with saltwater on three sides. This city is known for its marine and coastal wildlife, including whales, orcas, porpoises, harbour seals, sea lions and sea otters, not to mention bald eagles, herons, and shore birds. It’s possible to see some of these critters from the land, but you really miss a lot when you aren’t out on the water. Coming into their element allows you to get a little more up close and personal with these creatures, in a way you just can’t match on land.

Highlights of Victoria Waterfront Tours

  • Equipment rentals
  • Kayaking lessons
  • Certification through Paddle Canada
  • Kayaking tours
  • All levels of experience

For the experienced sea kayaker, if you don’t own your own kayak, renting one for a few hours is the way to go. This basically allows you the freedom to explore at your own speed. You can rent the kayak for a pre-determined amount of time and visit the shores of any of the little islands and coastal areas immediately around Victoria, many of which are home to seals, sea lions, and shore birds.

For someone who has never touched a sea kayak before, the place to start would be to visit Victoria Waterfront Tours and book some lessons, so that you can learn about kayaking safety, how to handle your craft, and how to operate it. If you have grand dreams of becoming certified through Paddle Canada and going off somewhere on a kayaking trip, Victoria Waterfront Tours can help— you can even learn how to pack your gear, and how to cook while on the trip!

Ocean Sightseeing with Victoria Waterfront Tours

Perhaps what they are best known for are their guided tour packages. With a number of tours going to different areas around Victoria’s coast, chances are pretty good that they will have something to suit you. At the simplest, you will get a fun way to explore parts of Victoria that not everyone gets to see. Sure, you pay for that outing. What you are really getting in your tour is far more than you can pay for, however. Aside from the standard stuff, like a quick lesson on technique and safety, the kayak and the gear you’ll need being included in the cost of the tour, you also get a warm, knowledgeable and fully certified guide to lead you to some of Victoria’s best points of interest and teach you a little something about our beautiful coastal habitat.

It doesn’t really matter if you are a seasoned kayaker, or completely new. The truth is, with Victoria being a coastal city many of its best sights can be missed if you don’t take the time to venture out onto the water. For an experienced kayaker who knows the area and prefers the company of one other person, renting a kayak is probably the best way to go. For an inexperienced kayaker, booking a tour lets you see some of the best as aspects of Victoria, guided by someone who is very knowledgeable about the area. Simply put, Victoria Waterfront Tours allows even inexperienced kayakers to see parts of Victoria that not many people have the privilege of seeing.