Saxe Point Park

At the very end of Fraser Street, about 5 minutes’ drive from the Archie Browning Sports Center
on Esquimalt Road, you’ll find Saxe Point Park. At 7.5 hectares, it’s certainly not one of
Victoria’s largest parks by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s not without appeal. As with a
number of parks in the Victoria area, Saxe Point has a history that is connected to the military.
Although the area was officially designated as park land in 1934, in the early part of World War
2, many of the trees on this plot of land were cleared to make way for a searchlight that was
installed as part of Victoria’s shoreline defense. Now, the only thing left to remind us of the
park’s role in defending Victoria is the fact that today’s military ships can be seen traveling to
and from the dockyards at the Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt.
Highlights of Saxe Point Park

  • 5 hectares
  • Free access
  • Ample Parking
  • Public Restrooms
  • Picnicking Area
  • Outdoor Wedding/ Event Venue
  • 10 Minutes from Downtown

Weddings at Saxe Point Park

If you think the park might make a great spot for a summer wedding… you’re right! Amid the
brightly coloured flowering gardens and mature Douglas Fir trees, and overlooking the Strait of
Juan de Fuca, with the Olympic Mountains beyond that, outdoor weddings conducted here will
have a strong Victoria-esque flavour, showing off the landscape, ocean and mountain views and
gardens that the city is noted for. Not only will you have a great venue for your ceremony, but
you will also have a fantastic spot to have your wedding photography done! If you are
interested in booking a wedding or other event at Saxe Point Park, you will need to do so
through the Township of Esquimalt, by speaking to Francis Mathieson at: 250-412- 8525.
Things to do at Saxe Point Park
Its history aside, Saxe Point remains a charming local spot for family picnics, playing with your
dog, exploring the wooded area or rocky beach, or simply admiring the view from the shore.
With its wide green lawn, picnic benches, ample parking and public restroom facilities, Saxe
Point Park is an ideal local spot for family fun and events. You can let the kids and dogs play on
the grass while you get the food ready to eat, or while you enjoy some time chatting with
friends and relatives. For the more adventurous, there is a rocky shoreline to explore that
rounds the point, with little inlet pebble beaches to search for treasure when the tide is out.
From the shore, you will not only have a stellar view of the Olympic Mountains on a clear day,
but you will also be able to see some of Victoria’s nicest homes along the shoreline on either
side of Saxe Point.
If, after a long day at work, all you want is a few moments of almost meditative quiet, you’ll be
in luck. Saxe Point Park enjoys a light flow of visitors, ensuring that a visit here will afford you
the serene atmosphere you’re looking for.