Wildplay Element Park

Hiking, biking and exploring the waterfront is all fine and dandy, but when you want a real adrenaline rush, you go to the WildPlay Element Park in Colwood. Although this park is for every fit and able-bodied person from kids to seniors, it is not for the faint of heart. There are three separate Monkido (pronounced “Monkey Do”) obstacle courses that start off fairly easy, but get higher and more challenging the farther along you go. You will be jumping, swinging, climbing zip-lining, and running through a series of obstacles and over wobbly bridges that’ll get your pulse racing and make your inner child squeal with delight.

Highlights of WildPlay Element Park

  • Admission to the Monkido courses is $34.99 for adults and $19.99 for kids
  • Admission to the “What’s to Fear Jump” is $19.99, or $14.99 when combined with the Monkido course
  • Easily accessible by car or bus
  • Pick up and drop off are available
  • Free parking
  • Personal event space is available- please call
  • Picnicking area
  • Footwear loans are available

While WildPlay Element Park is definitely a must-see for those visiting the Victoria area, it’s also an exciting staple entertainment venue for residents. That being said, there are definitely some tips you will need to remember, to help you get the most out of your experience.

How to Enjoy WildPlay Element Park

  • Make sure to sign the waiver in advance, so that your check-in goes smoothly.
  • Dress according to the weather. Even if it rains, you’ll still be out in it.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes that fasten on.
  • Be on time.
  • Stash or secure your valuables.
  • Visit the bathroom before you get suited up.
  • Don’t smoke on the premises.
  • You need to be healthy and able bodied to complete the course.
  • Don’t take risks— make sure you are fully suited up, avoid unsafe behaviour, and listen to the staff.

The staff at WildPlay Element Park take safety very seriously. Before a visitor is allowed to play, they are properly kitted out with harnesses, cords and helmets to ensure against any possible accidents. Also, visitors are only allowed in at designated departure times, ensuring that all activity within the park can be thoroughly monitored. Mandatory safety classes are held before each departure time, so that guests have full knowledge of how to enjoy the park without incident.

If you pay attention to the rules, you can have a truly enjoyable time at WildPlay Element Park, letting your inner child out to play. Being set in among the trees, the atmosphere is pleasant and the friendly staff are very encouraging. Even if you have a fear of heights, you’ll be so focused on what you are doing that you literally won’t have time to be afraid. Chances are, you’ll come away from the experience feeling a whole lot more confident than when you went in.