Damali Lavender & Winery

Damali Lavender and Winery encourages you to “indulge your senses… savour the lifestyle”, and no truer words were ever spoken. This lavender farm has a way of relaxing you that doesn’t just have to do with the soothing scent of lavender that permeates the air. With friendly and knowledgeable staff, a selection of tasty treats to enjoy, and the fact that you can stroll through the farm and take in its sights and activities at your own pace, Damali offers a working farm experience that is second to none.

Highlights of Damali Lavender and Winery

  • Individual or group tours
  • Licensed picnic area
  • Charming Bed and Breakfast
  • Wine tastings
  • On-site shop
  • Open from 11am to 4pm daily

Nestled on 13 acres of what once was sheep-grazing pasture, Damali is the realization of a dream. In early 2004, Dave and Marsha Stanley knew they had to make some changes in their life. Their kids were grown up and were moving on. Their careers no longer held any meaning for them. It was time to change paths. On a road trip through Washington State, they saw plenty of lavender farms, and were completely captivated by them. So, a dream was born, and they made a 3-year plan to start their own lavender farm where they spent their childhood— in the lush expanse of the Cowichan Valley.

The dream seemed to have a mind of its own, however. Later in 2004, on a whim, Marsha and Dave and their friend Alison visited their intended area with thought of looking for property. It wasn’t long before they came across 13 acres of run-down sheep pastures whose owner was bound for Mexico. The place was ideal. It was minutes from both Duncan and Victoria, and the area was already well-travelled because of the Arbutus Ridge Golf Course and notable vineyards within a stone’s throw. It was a sure thing that a lavender farm would be a popular addition to the mix.

Creating Damali Lavender and Winery

Smitten with the place, their initial offer was turned down. Still, they didn’t give up on it.  A second offer was made, and finally their dream property became theirs in reality! The whole adventure seemed to come together practically on its own, within months instead of years, including the name. “Damali” was made by taking the first two letters of each of their names. Although they thought it completely made up, appropriately enough, “Damali” is an Arabic name that means “beautiful vision”.

Today, Damali Lavender and Winery has grown into a popular escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. From its humble beginnings as a lavender farm, Damali’s offerings have grown to include a vineyard, orchards, a bed and breakfast inspired by French country farmhouses, a gift shop, a wood-working shop, a labyrinth, a picnic area. It is an attraction that has been put on many bucket lists by both locals and tourists alike, boasting a devoted following of repeat visitors, and for good reason: a visit to Damali is sure to stimulate the senses and wash away your cares.