Alpine Stables

Imagine pulling into the driveway at 3700 Holland Avenue, Cobble Hill. Before you, you see wide open fields ringed with painted white fencing and bordered by the lush forests that British Columbia is known for. Other than the main building, you see a few large, low buildings that house rows of stables. Maybe, you see the faces of some of Alpine Stables’ horses poking out of their gates. Maybe, just maybe, one horse in particular catches your eye. Perhaps it’s a pretty white one, or maybe it has a rich brown coat, just like the one you always dreamed of as a child.

Imagine your instructor emerging from the main building, with a broad smile and a warm welcome. You introduce yourself, reminding them about the phone conversation you had together a few days ago. You make the tired old joke about how you’ve come to see a man about a horse, and you both laugh a little— it’s still funny, no matter how many times it’s been said. After discussing the particulars of your lessons, you ask about that one horse you saw in the stable. Your instructor just smiles knowingly, for a second, before telling you about it.  Love at first sight is not uncommon, here.

Highlights of Alpine Stables

  • Trail rides
  • Riding camps
  • Riding lessons
  • Birthday parties
  • Scenic location
  • Can accommodate any level of experience

Imagine walking up to that horse, after it’s led out of the stable and tied to a nearby post. You let the horse smell your hand. Maybe you run your hands along its soft coat, and whisper to it. Standing there, there is only you and the horse. In that moment, everything else seems unimportant. Your worries and stresses fade, so that all there is in your world right then… is you and your horse.

Making Friends at Alpine Stables

Maybe, in the course of your first lesson, you learn to take care of your new companion. You learn the difference between a tail comb and a currying brush, and why the hoofs need to be picked out regularly. You learn that your horse likes to be scratched in certain areas, and that a good currying feels like heaven to both of you. Maybe, in that first lesson, you learn to saddle your horse. The smell of leather is pleasant but musky, and you find it sort of relaxing.

With your instructor’s patient teaching and the warm and inviting atmosphere, you begin to feel like a seasoned rider, as if you were born on the back of a horse. It isn’t long before you build up a sort of friendship with your instructor, who is as knowledgeable and approachable as any of the staff at Alpine Stables. It is mere seconds before your build up a friendship with your horse. At least for the span of your lessons, this is your horse, and you are its rider.