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There’s nothing worse than a pushy salesperson, especially when it comes to finding a home. Packing, moving, and cleaning house can be an emotional experience, and you need someone in your corner whose only motivation is to make your life easier.

At VictoriaHomes.com, we do things differently. Our only goal is to be a resource for you when it comes to putting together a winning offer, marketing your house to qualified buyers, and connecting you with exceptional people. We’ll educate you on the Victoria market, negotiate on your behalf, and make sure the transition is smooth and seamless until the keys are in your hands. Also, because we’re connected in the home and renovation industry, we’ve got trustworthy construction companies willing to give us contractor rates on supplies and labour on any service or trade you need!


What makes a VictoriaHomes.com agent different?

Let’s say the average agent in Victoria sells about 5-6 houses a year, most of them in the busy Spring season.

You’re shopping for a home in late December, when your Realtor hasn’t sold a home in a few months, and is feeling the pressure of mortgage payments, Christmas gifts, and is looking ahead to an equally dry January and February.

You find a home you like, and ask your Realtor if they think you should write up an offer.


What are they going to say…?


This is the situation many people find themselves in, and it’s one of the main reasons why clients love VictoriaHomes.com. Because our agents have a full calendar of appointments (booked by our in-house sales team), and don’t have the overhead of a traditional office, our Realtors don’t feel that same need to force every sale through regardless of the cost to our clients.

This means that the VictoriaHomes.com agent that you’re working with is incentivized to provide you with a high level of service, instead of being forced to pursue the few sales a regular agent gets per year. Our team is there to be a resource for you to find your dream home, not turn you into a quick sale. We also have a full team working on your behalf, with a transaction coordinator and concierge manager supporting your Realtor during your sale, each with a specialized role to make your experience as seamless as possible.


We’d be honoured to show you how we’re different, and answer any questions you might have!


For more information, or to speak with one of our agents, call us at 250-294-MOVE (6683), or visit us on our website or on Facebook here!