3 Essential Tips for Preparing Your Home for Showings


Your home looks its best when it’s clean and organized. Here are some other tips for preparing your home for showings for prospective buyers.


In 2017 more than half a million homes were sold in Canada. With such a hot market, we understand why you want to show your home.

Getting your home ready to sell can be emotional and quite difficult for some, as any moving process means you’ll have to dissociate from the home you have loved for so long. But, take heart, homeowners.

We’ve got three essential tips for preparing your home for showings. Follow these guidelines for an easy and seamless way to achieve your next set of goals. It all starts with selling your home.

1. Remove Anything Personal

Preparing your home for showings starts with removing yourself from the process. While this might seem cold or callous, you want any family that moves into your home to be able to see themselves living there happily.

Decreasing the number of personal items you have on public view will make a huge difference and represents that you’re in the process of learning how to prepare your house for sale.

And you don’t have to remove everything personal. You just want others that don’t know you — and never will — to picture themselves enjoying the place as their new home.


2. Think About Renting Storage

If you’re getting your house ready to sell, you might want to put your belongings in storage. People you’re not acquainted with will be walking through your house, opening cabinets and drawers. It might be time to remove valuables and unnecessary furniture from your home.

If you’re not already moved out, and you’re not exactly sure where you’re going, consider renting a storage unit nearby to house your extra belongings while you show your home.

Moving is a perfect time to purge, but you may need to show your home quickly. Renting a storage unit could work wonders.

Preparing your home for showings might also mean removing your favorite items from your house. Don’t leave appliances, curtains, or other things you intend to move. Put things in storage until you’ve got a buyer.


3. Call a Repairman

Making minor repairs or calling in a professional is necessary for getting your house ready to sell. Strangers will be entering your home and judging it, some with an intention to purchase. You’ll want to incentivize that process as much as possible.

Get rid of scuff marks, or perhaps give the house a new coat of paint. Fill spots in walls and cracks in grout and masonry. Have appliances, like heating and air conditioners tested, and make sure all your sinks and plumbing are running like a charm.

And safety is key here, as well. Ensure that any stairs people might be walking on have safe foot and hand-holds. Make sure you have a home security system for possible intruders.

Give your house a tune-up and it will be ready to sell!


Preparing Your Home for Showings

Whether it’s small repairs or removing yourself from your space, preparing your home for showings will help increase its appeal to buyers.

And if you’re buying or selling in Victoria, you’re in luck. It’s one of the best small cities in the world. Check out our blog to learn more about the British Columbia real estate market. And happy home hunting!